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What is a Legacy Film?

Legacy Films: Your Personal Documentary

A Legacy Film is the perfect way to celebrate any milestone event in your life (e.g. birthday, bar mitzvah, personal anniversary, company anniversary, retirement, graduation, etc.) and is also one of the most unique gifts.

Our films range from 20-90 minutes and take 4-12 months to produce.  Every JMK Life film is held to the highest standards in writing, filming, and editing.   Our staff of writers, cinematographers, editors, animators, and visual effects artists have one goal: to tell your life story in the most entertaining, creative, funny, and emotionally impactful way.  And once your film is complete, not only will you have a piece of entertainment for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy, but you will have created a legacy video for future generations.

We believe that every life is worth celebrating.

We know you have a great story to tell.  It would be our honor to tell it.

Let's Get Started

Trailer: Mari Hescu, A Life Story

Mari Herscu was one of Shiseido’s most successful models in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  She traveled the world and appeared on the world’s largest stages. This poignant documentary examines her life both in front of and behind the camera, and follows her courageous quest for spiritual fulfillment.

Our Process

High Quality films take time to get it right.

While everyone at JMK Media Group works as expeditiously as possible, a high-quality movie of this magnitude requires a significant amount of time, usually between 4-12 months.

The amount of time depends on:

  • How quickly we receive materials from our clients (e.g. home video, pictures, etc.)
  • How soon we can schedule filming
  • The quantity of our filming
  • The quantity of special effects
  • The length of the final product (projects vary in length from 20 minutes to an hour and a half)


Our writing team will meet with you to get as much background information as possible. Since we start at birth and go all the way up to today, this process requires several meetings. We also like to talk to spouses, children, and parents. During this time, the client begins to gather pictures and home videos.


Based on the research, our team of writers constructs a detailed outline that tells your life story in the most creative, funny, and emotionally impactful way. You will proof drafts during this period.

Filming Interviews

The more people we can interview, the more well-rounded your story. This starts with your immediate family and branches out to include anyone who has had an impact on your life (extended family, friends, teachers, business associates, clients, pets, favorite waiter, mailman, etc.).

Visting Landmarks

We can travel (with or without you) to important locations from your life. Examples include: the hospital where you were born, your elementary school, a sports field, the place where you proposed to your spouse, etc.

Filming Reenactments

Perhaps people would like to dress-up as you and re-enact moments from your life. Examples include: a scene where someone imitates the way you conduct business; or the way you watch tv, play a sport, or dance. Also, we can use special effects (green screen compositing, graphics) to make the story more entertaining and cinematic.


Here is where we combine all the production elements (pictures, home videos, interviews, re-enactments, landmark visits) with voice-over, music, animation, and special effects. We are confident that our editing skills are second-to-none, giving you the most entertaining product on the market. You will have several opportunities to review rough cuts of the project and give us your feedback.

Premiere Night

A project of this size and importance deserves a special night! Many of our clients host parties to show their Life Films. We offer large screen projection with powerful speakers to present your movie. Whether or not you opt for a Hollywood opening, we will give you three DVD copies and three Digital Master copies.

Sherri Fogelman

Los Angeles, CA

“Just letting you know again how fantastic the video turned out! It actually made the whole party! Everyone is still talking about it and still watching it! My in-laws were over the top about it.”

Real people with Real Stories

Debra Parr

Event Planner, Amazing Grace Design

"You have given our family the gift of being able to remember, look, and celebrate what is truly important in our lives. You have handed over to us a tangible heirloom of our memories. We feel blessed to be a member of that group of families who have been touched with your talent!

Are you ready to tell your story?