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Add Style To Your Corporate Videos

We want to make videos that build up your brand and celebrate the uniqueness of your company.  Our corporate videos are different because we apply our storytelling skills to your project.

Our goal is to have your audience connect to your content emotionally, whether through comedy, drama, adventure, or a mix of genres.  Our creative and compelling filming, ediitng, and writing styles will draw in your audience so your business will continue to thrive.

“The JMK Media Group did a fantastic job on our advertisements. They perfectly captured the intensity of our training classes, and the writing, directing, and filming of our corporate security video was done with a professionalism and creativity that exceeded our highest expectations. And we loved working with Jason and his team. Making the video was just as fun as seeing the final product.”

Yonatan FarberFounder & CEO, ITAC Security

Corporate Documentaries

Your company represents a huge part of your life. We understand how much time and energy goes into making it successful. A video that documents the building of your company is a gift to yourself, employees, and prospective customers. Through interviews, photos, videos, re-enactments, and animations, we’ll bring your business’ story to life in a way that will make you feel a re-newed sense of pride about all that you accomplished.

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Advertising & Promotion

The JMK Media Group, Inc. will give you a powerful video that will not only be on brand and sell your product, but be memorable. We want your video to be watched over and over again. We’re strong believers in taking the time to talk with you, understand your business, do the research, then come up with unique concepts that are organic to your brand. We never take a cookie-cutter approach (unless you own a bakery!).

Real Estate

You have a beautiful property, and we love capturing that beauty on video. But there’s so much more to the story of your property. What’s the history behind that parcel of land? What was the motivation of your landscape architect to create a circular garden? What inspired that dynamic spiral stairway in your living room? Let us dive into the story of your property. By turning your real estate video into a mini historical documentary with interviews, photos, and videos, your audience will gain a deeper understanding and affinity towards your real estate.

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